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Welcome to Served. We want to make things easier for you. That’s why we’ve come up with a new approach to appointing a Summons Server. We have simplified the process and brought it online. No more waiting for a call back during office hours. No more time-consuming back and forth with quotes. With Served you can now instantly appoint a Summons Server online anytime.

And what’s more the simplicity of our appointment process is reflected in our transparent pricing. Take a look, our prices are fixed. Simply choose the price bundle that matches the requirements of your case. You can see exactly what’s included in each price bundle. Choose a price bundle, add to cart, checkout. Done.

So next time you’re searching online for a summons server, working late, need a summons server in a hurry, check out our price bundles. We’re here to help. Instruct Served online and keep your case moving.